Sindy wins Toy of the Year for a second time…the NATR launches their Toy Token scheme…”The computer is becoming such an important part of our lives that a mini-computer for kids is in the office”…Super markets begin selling toys, and Matchbox makes 900 redundant.


Katie Kopycat writing doll wins Toy of the Year. The giant Lines Brothers collapses, the arrival of Space Hopper, Craze of the year Clackers or Klik Klaks – first seen on Spanish beaches. Fun Bubbles sell over 7 million in first year.


Plasticraft modelling kits win Toy of the Year…feature in Toy Trader forecasts Leisuredromes – theme park shopping malls.


The first Game of the Year – Invicta’s Mastermind…a shortage of plastic causes problems…children’s pocket money averages 9p. New dolls: Disco Girl, Chelsea Girl, Daisy. Toy guns concern when gunmen using toy guns are shot dead by police outside India House.


Lego’s first Toy of the Year award. 3-day week affects trade. Toy manufacturers getting ready for the EC…Hit of the Year: animated boxing toy called Raving Bonkers, Denys Fisher Potter’s Wheel and game Lexidata.


Lego again Toy of the Year…Monopoly is 40, Cluedo 25, and Womblemania hits Britain.


Peter Powell Kites wins Toy of the Year as kites enjoy renewed popularity. Meccano is 75 years old, and Mattel sets up in the UK. Flop: Streaker, ‘a toy to rank alongside the yo-yo and hula-hoop’.


Playpeople by Playmobil wins Toy of the Year award. Unigroup formed – the first national toy buying group. New: Slime, Othello board game, Holly Hobbie toys.


Toy of the Year goes to the Combine Harvester made by Britains…Chad Valley introduces first clinging bear – Huggy Bear…Star Wars toys make their debut…Omar Sharif launched board and card games at the Toy Fair at the NEC. Big Hits: Play-Doh Barber Shop. Star Wars Force Beams, Matchbox Powertrack, Mr Men and new board game, Skirrid.


Legoland Space sets wins Toy of the Year. At Earls Court, new venue for Fair, strike leaves foul-smelling boat show pool in place. Tente, Spanish attempt to rival Lego is shown… British Standards Institute publishes first toy safety standard BS5665. Electronic games and sales of radio-controlled cars boom. New toys include Stop Boris – creeping electronic spider stopped by special gun…Meccano collapses and workers stage a sit-in.


The Content of the decade pages was first published by our predecessor the British Association of Toy Retailers as a Millennium Special of the Toy Chronicle. The publication acknowledged the help of various sources including The History Channel, The BBC, The Pan Book of Dates, The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green and our earlier 100 years of Toys researched by Gerald Masters. The Toy Retailers Association can offer no guarantee of accuracy except as far as the Toy of the Year since 1965 where our own records are complete.