Our Policy

Our members policy is clear on this matter and we will not respond to or relay commercial messages to our members, enter into affinity deals or promote such services.

We do not accept suppliers to the industry as members of the association.

We therefore recommend the following if you wish to supply our members.

Toys, Goods and Services

Organisations to consider

Suppliers of toys should consider membership of the British Toy & Hobby Association who may be able to offer further advice on promoting your goods to UK retailers including via the UK Toy Fair.

Three Trade Magazines provide the perfect vehicle for routine advertising and promotion of all products, services and ideas relevant to the industry – please visit our Useful Contacts/Toy Magazines page.

Market Information and Research

Current commercially collated market information based on point of sale data and consumer research is generated by NPD and headline data is made available routinely to our members.

We are not at liberty to publish this but data from 2011 v 2012 is available from our site, our ToyBox includes general information on the structure of the industry and our ToyVault contains vital facts about toys which have been making the news since for more than 100 years.

We can under certain circumstances assist with research and development of the toy industry by regulatory agencies and others. We would normally make a charge for these services.