Electric and Battery Operated Toys

Toys that are electrical or battery-operated

a) Toys must not be powered by electricity exceeding 24 volts. This is usually achieved by providing a transformer connected to the mains. For example railway and car racing sets have to have controllers separate from the transformers. It is good practice to advise customers to be sure to follow the instructions which are always included in such sets.

b) For toys operated by batteries, problems may occur when the wrong batteries are used, when old and new batteries are mixed or when batteries are wrongly inserted. Again it is good practice to draw the customer’s attention to the importance of following the instructions for fitting batteries.

Chemical Toys

Toys that feature a chemical components

a) Chemistry sets are an obvious hazard in the wrong hands. They have to carry clear warnings that they are only for use by children over 10 years of age and under adult supervision. In the case of sets containing certain substances, the age is 12. You should check the packaging for the correct age recommendation. The age warnings should be pointed out to customers with a reminder that all the instructions and advice should be closely followed.

b) Other toys contain chemicals (for example moulding sets, glues, craft sets with chemical components). The standard for these toys contains similar warnings and age limitations as above, and again, this information should be given to the customer at the time of purchase.