Discover the ultimate Zoobles hangout with the Magic Mansion.

This amazing playset is full of magical transformations and brings the topsy-turvy Zoobles world to life. Featuring three different rooms, a slide for rolling, display areas and hot spots, plus an exclusive Zoobles Z-Girl included—there’s so many places to play. Stack, connect and combine the Magic Mansion’s rooms into any configuration that you want. Check out the hot tub upstairs, then launch your Zoobles Z-Girl off the pillow and down the slide to make her spring to life when she reaches the hot spot at the bottom. Kick back and relax in the living room and spin the wheel to magically transform your rooms. The furniture flips around, creating entirely new play areas. The hot tub becomes a bed, and the living room turns into a glam room for makeovers.

Stock Code: 6061366
RRP: £29.99
Low Age: 5
High Age: No Limit
Gender: Girl
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