The Silly Spinning, Granny Giggling, Windy Washing Game!

Don’t let Granny get her knickers in a twist! Can you help Granny put out her washing? Roll the dice… if it’s a sunny day, hang your washing on the line. Roll a cloud and you must miss a go. Roll a rain cloud and you have to take your washing in. Roll a storm and the washing line spins in the tornado and granny loses her clothes! Can you be the first to hang out all of your washing to win?

Stock Code: 10822
RRP: £20
Low Age: 4
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Norton PR
PR Telephone: 07399011928


The silly spinning, granny giggling, windy washing game!
Hear granny laugh as the washing line spins
With revolving washing line and fun sound effects
First player to hang all their washing wins!