Tiny Tears – the original and one of the UK’s best known crying and wetting baby doll brands.

Tiny Tears Classic is an adorable drinking, crying and wetting doll who needs lots of love and care just like a real baby. Tiny Tears is a classic brand that many mummies and daddies will know, as it first launched in the UK in the 1960’s.

Tiny Tears encourages children to develop a sense of empathy and responsibility, by caring and nurturing their beautiful Tiny Tears doll.

Feed Tiny Tears from her bottle, wipe her tears and make she’s not wet. After a busy day of play and potty training, Tiny Tears is ready to be put to bed. Lay down Tiny Tears and you’ll see she has sleeping eyes as she dreams away.

The Tiny Tears Classic doll is 38cm high and features her iconic golden hair. She comes complete with a pretty flower print dress and a cute headband. The set also includes her nappy, potty, dummy and bottle.

Stock Code: 11010
RRP: £27.99
Low Age: 1.5
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Norton PR
PR Telephone: 07467 948569


First launched in the UK in the 1960s the Tiny Tears range of dolls has been loved by little ones for generations
The original and one of the UK's best known crying and wetting baby doll brands with over 50 years of heritage
Tiny Tears was the first promoted fully functioning tearing and wetting doll and is one of the UK's oldest brands with continuous market presence
All new look for 2022!