The 90s are calling! and Tamagotchi is answering with new stylish designs and retro collaborations…

The Original Tamagotchi pet is back! Feed it, turn lights on/off, play with it, give it medicine, flush after it’s used the bathroom, check it’s health and dicipline your tamagotchi if he bothers you when he’s happy, fed, and all cleaned up. Includes character game where you have to guess which was the Tamagotchi will move next. Raise your Tamagotchi from egg to child to adult. How you take care of it will decide which of the 7 adults you get. Comes with 1 Tamagotchi on a chain to take with you everywhere.

Stock Code: 42880
RRP: £16
Low Age: 8
High Age:
Gender: All
PR Company: Playtime PR
PR Telephone: 07970770572


The tiny pet from outer space is back with a mixture of classic designs from 1997 and some brand-new styles
Delve into into the retro toys trend and take a trip down memory lane with Tamagotchi
In 2022, Tamagotchi will be celebrating 25 years since its introduction to the UK market
Tamagotchi Pix launched in 2021 as the next generation of the favorite interactive virtual pet - for the first time ever, the Tamagotchi features a camera and touch buttons, plus can connect with friends!