The Baby Amusement Park is full of fun and excitement for all the Sylavanian Babies!

The latest Sylvaian Families playset features rides and amusements for baby characters. It has an amazing castle, ferris wheel, viking ship, go karts and rocket ride. With three babie figures included, Pookie Panda Baby, Milk Rabbit Baby and Persian Cat Baby, children can start playing straight away. The Amusement Park can be played wit on it’s own, or combine with the Royal Carriage Set, Baby Star Carousel, Spooky Surprise House and Baby Costume Series and other baby figures for even more enjoyable amusement park pretend play (all sold separately).

Stock Code: 5537
RRP: £49.99
Low Age: 3
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Higlight PR
PR Telephone: 01225 444268