New, fun, innovative way of creating stuffed balloons!!! Choose fillings & stuff for a gift or decoration! Contains 12 balloons, reusable clips, accessories, and more!

Stuff-A-Loons is the new, innovative way of creating your own stuffed balloons!!! Choose your fillings, stuff your balloon for a stunning gift or decoration – suitable for any occasion! Contains 12 balloons, plus 10 mini balloons, 6 reusable clips, plus lots of fun party fillings and display accessories! Just inflate, fill, seal & display! Use again and again with different sizes and styles! No batteries required and your imagination’s the limit!

Stock Code: 36620
RRP: £20
Low Age: 8
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
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Heavily supported at retail with 50,000 units forecasted for 2020 and has made retail Top Toy for Christmas lists.
Heavyweight TV support carried out from lauch with 225 TVRs planned for 2020.
Supported with immersive PR campaign including targeted parental press and social media activity
Q4 marketing camapign include TV, preroll advertising and extensive Influencer, Product Placement and Social Media activity.