Sink N’ Sand is the brand new quicksand themed board game that is a must have for any child’s Christmas list this year, merging fun and the mega popular sensory experience of Kinetic Sand.

On a wild jungle adventure, explorers Sink ‘n Sally, Sunk ‘n Duncan, Slip ‘n Sam, and Fall n’ Fran come across something unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Before they can even say “quicksand” aloud, they’re trapped by the fast-sinking sand. As more and more quicksand falls, some explorers will sink with it, eliminating them from the game. However, one lucky player could find a ‘Redemption Ruby’ among the sand and win themselves a chance at survival.

The game begins by a roll of a die and players pulling out the corresponding stick holding up the sand. The last player remaining in the sand will win the game. With the inclusion of Kinetic Sand, this game is like no other. Perfect to enjoy with friends, or as a fun activity with the whole family around the Christmas table, it’s a game families can enjoy again and again over the years.

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Low Age: 3
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
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