Feature filled Peppa Pig Playset for endless shopping fun! With real microphone and sound effects, as well as working lift, and lots of accessories!

Take Peppa on an exciting trip out to the shops, with Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset! Peppa’s Shopping Centre has 2 floors of fun, and four shopping areas. Swap around the backgrounds and swivel the signs to create 6 different shops in total! Peppa’s favourite thing to do at the shopping centre is ride in the lift. Press the button to send Peppa up to the second floor, and then push it back down to ground level again. There’s also a working microphone, sounds effects and lots of fun accessories, as well as a Peppa pig Figure!

Stock Code: 07177
RRP: £40
Low Age: 3
High Age: 7
Gender: All
PR Company: Evolution PR
PR Telephone: 01327227010


Heavily supported at retail with 50,000 units forecasted for 2020 and has made retail Top Toy for Christmas lists.
Heavyweight TV support carried out from lauch with 225 TVRs planned for 2020.
Supported with immersive PR campaign including targeted parental press and social media activity
Q4 marketing camapign include TV, preroll advertising and extensive Influencer, Product Placement and Social Media activity.