The super silly drawing and guessing game for everyone! Try your best to draw what’s on the cards while the giant pen wobbles and shakes!

PenSilly – drawing games have never been so silly! The super silly drawing and guessing game for all the family! Take a Description card, take a Subject card and try your best to draw them for your team to guess and win points! Be quick the timer’s running though! PenSilly trembles, it takes control! There’s 2 level of play and over 5,500 drawing combinations – how fast can you work the pen? Teamwork, imagination and creativity is the key!

Stock Code: 11801
RRP: £20
Low Age: 6
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Evolution PR
PR Telephone: 01327227010


Heavily supported at retail with 60,000 units forecasted for 2020
Heavyweight TV support carried out from lauch with 225 TVRs planned for 2020
Hundreds of Thousands of views at this years Character Kidz event with even more family videos planned for November
Further marketing includes Pre Roll and family Social Media