Interactive one-in-a-million robot dog with unique minting process to discover its appearance. Unique movements, personality and sounds bring it to life! In-app playtime available but not required

Introducing Dog-E, the one-in-a-million robot dog. The all-white cyberdog comes to life and reveals its unique combination of lights, sounds and personality traits, so no two are ever the same.

Dog-E’s personality influences how it behaves and responds. Your Dog-E even talks with its tail! Using innovative persistence of vision technology, Dog-E can use icons and messages to communicate.

Unlock even more play with this robo-dog’s app. Create your Dog-E’s profile, learn about its personality and track its needs. Dog-E is a pet robot for the whole family. Multiple members can mint, save and load unique profiles with the app.

Stock Code: 1691
RRP: £90
Low Age: 6
High Age: 13
Gender: All
PR Company: Evolution PR
PR Telephone: 01327227010


No two Dog-Es are the same
Features over 200 sounds & reactions
Train your Dog-E to learn your name, do tricks & more.
Save multiple profiles, so the whole family can have a Dog-E unique to them.