Discover Mealtime Magic Mia, the most expressive and lifelike feeding baby doll!

Kids love to pretend play, and the latest from the makers of Luvabella delivers the most expressive doll brand that truly makes magic happen. Mealtime Magic Mia is a technologically advanced baby doll that delivers a premium play experience and innovation to a tried and true play pattern. Mealtime Magic features five bowls with ten unique food flavors to create 50+ different food combinations for her to try. With each taste she will recognize and react with distinct facial expressions for every emotion – yum, yuck, sour and more. Plus, her break frame moving mouth and tongue feature expands her range of motion and expressiveness, like nothing you’ve seen before! The fun doesn’t stop there – Mia tells you how she wants to be fed. Try “Choo Choo Train,” “Racecar,” “Airplane” and more! After mealtime, burb Mia and use her 2-in-1 Interactive Bottle-Pacifier to soothe her as you rock her to sleep.

Stock Code: 6056264
RRP: £65
Low Age: 4
High Age: No Limit
Gender: Girl
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PR Telephone: 07912937927.


DYNAMIC FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: With a moving tongue, mouth and blinking eyes, Mealtime Magic Mia is so lifelike! Watch her react to foods with over 70 sounds and phrases, blow raspberries and more!
MEALTIME IS THE BEST TIME: With 10 foods on her double-sided tray, use the light-up smart spoon to create fun combinations. Mia can recognize, recall and react to foods with yum, sour or yuck expressions!
EVEN MORE WAYS TO PLAY: Tickle Mia and bounce her for sweet giggles, soothe her with the 2-in-1 interactive bottle and pacifier, rock her to sleep and more!
Mealtime Magic Mia is the perfect gift for kids aged 4 and up. Doll includes 4 Duracell AA batteries; spoon requires 1 AAA battery (not included). Feed, love and care for your own Mealtime Magic doll!