Who will you magically create with Magic Mixies? Experience the toy that proves real magic exists. Children perform real magic and create their magical pet.

Magic Mixies invites children to conjure up a magical potion and cast a spell to reveal their mystical best friend! Children follow the Spell Book, add magical ingredients such as a Glitter Star, Crystal Gem and Magic Feather to the potion, and watch in amazement as the cauldron reacts to each tap of the wand with enchanting sounds and lights. Once the potion is mixed, children pop the name of their creature into the cauldron and real magic happens right before their eyes. A magical mist appears from the cauldron and… ta da! Their interactive Magic Mixie is revealed!

Stock Code: 14651/14652
RRP: £69.99
Low Age: 5
High Age: 10
PR Company: Playtime PR
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Magic Mixies - The toy that proves real magic exists!