Get ready to make real magic and discover the world of Magic Mixies Mixlings, a cute new breed of Magic Mixies for you to conjure up! Complete the magical unboxing to discover which 2 Mixlings you have created with the Tap & Reveal Cauldron.

Start making magic by lifting off the Cauldron’s lid to find your magic wands. Rub the Cauldron’s magic gem to reveal what type of Mixlings you’ll magically find inside – will they be Common, Rare or Ultra-Rare? Now tap your magic Wand to the rim of the Cauldron and say the magic words ‘Magicus Mixus’ and…wow! 2 Mixlings have magically appeared in the Cauldron!

Each Mixling has special magical powers that are activated with the included magnetic, glow in the dark or pipette wand. Mischievous and magical, Mixlings are so much fun as you cast spells and unlock different ways they play. Share the magic with your friends and family by repeating the magic Cauldron reveal again and again! And at the end of the day you can use the magic Cauldron to store your Mixling and other trinkets. With over 40 little magic toy Mixlings to create and collect, there are so many magical moments to discover with Mixlings!

Stock Code: 14660
RRP: £9.99
Low Age: 5
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Playtime PR
PR Telephone: 07852451093


Experience REAL MAGIC with the Magic Mixies Mixlings, a cute new breed of Magic Mixies that are created with a truly magical unboxing! With over 40 little Mixlings to create and collect, which 2 will you conjure up in your Tap & Reveal Cauldron?