Mix, shape, slice, and squish Kinetic Sand like you’ve never done before with the Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set.

The Sandisfactory Set includes everything you need to create your own mesmerizing sand surprise reveals and make oddly satisfying videos – just like the ones you’ve seen online – right at home! With over 10 different tools and moulds, and two pounds of Kinetic Sand, there’s so many ways to create. Before you play, fluff the sand to get it flowing! Kinetic Sand is the original mesmerizing magic sand that flows through your hands and never dries out so you can play again and again. With red, blue, yellow, and rare black Kinetic Sand, you can mix them together to create new colours or add marble designs to your creations. Cut, pull, shape, scoop, and squish your Kinetic Sand. Use the the clear tools like squisher and cutter to watch your designs transform right before your eyes. The Sandisfactory Set is packed with all new tools and all new surprises.

Stock Code: 6061654
RRP: £19.99
Low Age: 3
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
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