The interactive Bubble ‘N’ Sing doll is a bubbly, cuddly baby, who giggles, sings and blows ice cream scented bubbles from her mouth!

here is no other Kindi Kid bubblier than Poppi Pearl. When she’s ready to blow some bubbles she will giggle and sing her happy bubble song! Feed her with the bottle, then press the shell on her bathing suit for one second. Hear her say, “It’s bubble time!’ and start singing her song and blowing ice cream scented bubbles from her mouth! She comes with a Bubble Wand so you can make bubbles together! There is also an “Indoor Mess-Free Mode” – by pressing her shell, Poppi will say “Let’s Sing!” and start to sing her song without blowing bubbles.

Stock Code: 50129
RRP: £29.99
Low Age: 3
High Age: 9
Gender: All
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Kindi Kids Bubble 'N' Sing! Bubble blowing doll with ice cream scented bubbles, giggling sounds and bubble wand