Kickerball- A football like no other! With KickerBall, you can swerve, curve and kick like a pro!

The revolutionary aerodynamic materials and special panels allows the KickerBall to swerve, bend and curve with ease. Learn epic tricks… SWERVE IT! BEND IT! LAUNCH IT! BUMP IT! Take your football skills to an awesome level! The Kickerball has been created for kids, adults, or anyone who wants to learn cool new tricks!
Strike the ball underneath to LAUNCH it into the air!
Strike the centre of the ball with your laces and adjust your kicking power to BEND the Kickerball!
Kick from the left side to SWERVE the ball right
Kick from the right side to SWERVE the ball to the left!

Impress your friends with insane new tricks with Kickerball!

Stock Code: 1190
RRP: £16.99
Low Age: 6
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Evolution PR
PR Telephone: 01327 227010


One of the top selling footballs online
Continued TV and PR support throughout the year
Multiple FSDUs and Retail support throughout the year
Heavyweight influencer campaign including celebrity