​Transform the Hot Wheels™ City Ultimate Hauler from a 20+ toy car transporter to a growling and stomping T-Rex! ​

The Hot Wheels™ City Ultimate Hauler can gobble up and haul more than 20 1:64 scale cars and then transform into a growling, stomping T-Rex with a race track on its back! In hauler mode, pull it by the handle and watch it eat the 1:64 scale cars in its path. Lower the tail and it transforms into a Robo T-Rex with lights and sounds and a two-lane race track. Kids can also launch cars from its mouth! Two 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® cars are included. Colors and decorations may vary.

Stock Code: HNG50
RRP: £89.99
Low Age: 4
High Age: 10
Gender: All
PR Company: Mattel UK
PR Telephone: