MGA Entertainment Brings Huggable, Ultra-Fluffy Innovation and Collectible ASMR Experience to the Feature Plush Category with the Launch of its All-New Brand, Fluffie Stuffiez™

Fluffie Stuffiez is a unique innovation that features patent-pending fabric fur and completely disrupts the feature plush category, giving an incredible, huggable, collectible ASMR experience unlike any other on the market today. The soft and fluffy all-in-one plush toy has three ways to play: pull it, reveal it and stuff it! After removing the Fluffie Stuffiez from the soft, squishy pouch, pull the fluff™ to reveal a surprise character underneath – before stuffing the empty pouch with the loose fluff to create a brand new character!

Stock Code: 593454
RRP: £35
Low Age: 4
High Age:
Gender: All
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PR Telephone: 0161 302 0206


Meet the most innovative new plush toy on the market – the new huggable, ultra-fluffy brand from MGA Entertainment
The ultimate experience in unboxing, collectability, ASMR and fidget – and the only brand to combine all of these trends in one!
Enjoy three ways to play; PULL IT! REVEAL IT! And STUFF IT!
Collect all six families – and then #pullthefluff to reveal hidden characters underneath!
Will you be one of the lucky ones to discover the rare and ultra-rare characters, hiding underneath the fluff?
How will you #pullthefluff? Customise your own fun shapes and designs to suit yours and your Fluffies’ personality