Why settle for one incredible Dyson product when you can have two?! This Dyson Supersonic & Corrale Deluxe Styling Set is a modern-day dream team, featuring everything your little stylist needs to leave dolls, friends and family looking their very best.

Within this set, you will find the oh-so-stylish Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, which as it should, works just like the real thing! When switched on, the hairdryer has panel lights and even blows real air! You can expect the same greatness from the Corrale Straighteners, too, which feature realistic lights and sounds. Don’t worry, though, there won’t be any dangerous heat or frazzled hair involved with these straighteners!

Stock Code: 73550
RRP: £40.00
Low Age: 3
High Age: 6
Gender: All
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For the super-stylist, this toy Dyson Supersonic Styling set comes with lights, sounds and really blows (cool) air!