Now there’s even more Cats vs Pickles to love!

The new Cats vs Pickles Jumbo plush toys are jumbo-sized, super soft, squeezable and ideal for cuddles!

Available now are cool characters such as Cat-cus, Galacticat, Sprinkles, Catalina, Astro-Cat, Piñata Pop, Mint Chippie, Luv the Pickle, Twinkle Kitty, Twinkle Starlight, Water-Meow-Lon and Hank the Pickle!

Follow the wacky world of Cats vs Pickles on their very own YouTube channel

Stock Code: CVP2000
RRP: £15.00
Low Age: 4
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Evolution PR
PR Telephone: 01327227010