With 10 surprises in 1 package, the Snowflake Sparkle™ Series of Barbie® Cutie Reveal™ dolls deliver the cutest unboxing experience with plush winter animal friends, fashions, surprises and transforming fun!

Unbox the package to find a plush winter animal friend — a deer, owl, husky or polar bear — and four surprise bags. Remove the winter animal costume and find a Barbie® doll with long hair and twinkle-shine details. Open the surprise bags to find cute fashions, accessories, a sponge-comb and a matching mini pet. Kids can dress and accessorize Barbie® doll. The costume top reverses and becomes a super-soft fleece jacket with a cute fashion print, and the costume head also turns into a pet bed! The surprises continue with colour-change cuteness. Wintry ‘snowflake sparkle’ face paint appears on Barbie® doll’s face, and her pet friend “opens and closes” its eyes — such a cutie! Just use the sponge-comb and icy cold water to activate; change back with warm water. Kids will love discovering all the cute surprises in this winter-inspired Barbie® Cutie Reveal™ series. Includes doll in animal costume and 10 surprises. Each doll sold separately, subject to availability.

Stock Code: HJM12
RRP: £32.99
Low Age: 3
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Springall Allen
PR Telephone: 07760272439