Toys for Christmas 2004 - Top 10


Bratz (Flashback Party) - Vivid
(RRP £19.99)

Cool and stylish 60’s, 70’s and 80’s fashions are revamped and re-launched for 2004 as Bratz strut their funky stuff with loads of retro accessories and mix and match outfits. Each themed doll comes complete with CD of groovy tunes from the era.

Find the Perfect Match among potential partners in the pack!

Bratz Flashback Party

Cabbage Patch Kids - Vivid
(RRP £19.99)

The 80’s collectable phenomenon is back for 2004! With a host of 16” siblings and a brand new 3D video planned, a new generation of children can experience the magical and wondrous world of the Cabbage Patch Kids! Each new arrival comes complete with adoption certificate, unique character details and personality designed to make each one special in the hearts of children everywhere.

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Classic Games (Buckaroo, Twister & Cluedo) - Hasbro
(RRP £9.99-£14.99)

Family favourites Buckaroo, Twister and Monopoly have been refreshed. The original saddle stacking game has a bright new look and an even moodier mule. Another classic, Twister continues to get kids of all ages tied up in knots. Spin the spinner and make your move - the last person standing wins! Guaranteed to get you in a twist.

Classic Games Selection

Dora the Explorer (We Did It Dancing Dora) - Mattel
(RRP £29.99)

This a-DORA-ble doll magically comes to life and sings when you put a friend in her hand. She comes with her four magical friends - Star, Baby Bird, Coquí frog and butterfly. Each friend has its own magical motion, but the star has the most special effect of all. When placed in Dora's hand it magically lights up and spins! When kids squeeze Dora's hand, she asks the child to find her friend. Dora sings her special "Happy Song” to each of her four friends and even asks kids to play along with her! Kids will also learn a little Spanish too! Requires 4”AA” batteries.

Dora the Explorer

Leapster - LeapFrog
(RRP £64.99)

The Leapster Multimedia Learning System combines the proven effectiveness and engagement of colour, animated learning games with a child-friendly, on-the-go form factor to create an educational handheld platform that children will love and parents will feel good about. The handheld features a large 2.8”x 2.8” colour LCD screen that is touch activated with the tethered stylus. It also has a collection of familiar game controls that can used to play the learning games.


Power Rangers (12.5cm Tri-Battliser) - Bandai
(RRP £6.99)

These 12.5cm Power Ranger figures have three exciting play modes. Each comes with ultra-adaptable body armour that can be worn, configured into a vehicle and mega vehicle with the Power Ranger forming the chassis!

Power Rangers Tri-Battliser

Robosapiens - Character Options
(RRP £79.99)

Robosapien, a fusion of technology and personality. Designed by a NASA scientist, Robosapien uses fluid, biomechanical motion. Using a programmable remote control, he walks, strikes, throws, grabs, dances and speaks fluent 'caveman'. 67 programmable functions, plus Dance, Kung-fu and cheeky demo modes.


Tamagotchi (Connexion) - Bandai
(RRP £12.99)

The product that introduced the world to the virtual pet concept is back - but this time it’s bigger and better! Discover whether yours is a boy or a girl, name it and care for it as best as you can. Then use the new Infra-Red function to connect to other Tamagotchi and make friends. Nurture interactive friendships, play new games and exchange gifts. Perhaps you’ll find that special partner and maybe hear the patter of tiny Tamababy feet!

Tamagotchi Connexion

Trampolines (8-14ft) - TP
(RRP £149.00-£299.95)

Circular TP trampolines with weatherproof soft surface mesh mat. Can be used inside or outdoors and are suitable for the less experienced trampolinist. Cover available separately. Includes heavy-duty frame pads with vinyl tops and weatherproof foam. The welded construction means no fiddly nuts and bolts. Lifetime guarantee against rust causing failure.


V-Smile - V-Tech
(RRP £49.99)

V.Smile TV Learning System is a revolutionary plug’n’play system connecting directly to your TV, with accompanying software that features a wealth of licensed characters children and parents know and love. Guaranteed to capture the imagination of pre-schoolers aged 3-7 years. V.Smile delivers puzzles and mini-games to aid and expand educational development!