Toys for Christmas 2004 - Teen Kicks

Ahead of their time and growing fast maybe under the influence of an older sibling. Aged 9 to 11 years old, they represented no less than £260m and up by 5% versus 2002 despite rumours that kids are moving away from toys earlier. Girls are into fashion and pop culture while boys are looking up to sports stars for role models and today’s teen kicks have fallen massively for Bratz, the girls mad about fashion. This year, the range has been extended beyond their maddest dreams and the show will go on!... But Teen Kicks are also about technology and as far as toys as concerned, Robotic Pets - remember Poo-chi and Teksta? - This year we discover the new generation of pets: Tamagotchi Connexion! Playground rumour has it that it is all about finding out the sex of your Tamagotchi baby when you put 2 of them in contact with each other

Fashion, sport, energy, hanging out, relationships and whatever - 10 of the coolest kicks this Christmas

Bandai - Tamagotchi Connexion

The product that introduced the world to the virtual pet concept is back - but this time it’s bigger and better! Discover whether yours is a boy or a girl, name it and care for it as best as you can. Then use the new Infra-Red function to connect to other Tamagotchi and make friends. Nurture interactive friendships, play new games and exchange gifts. Perhaps you’ll find that special partner and maybe hear the patter of tiny Tamababy feet!

Tamagotchi Connexion

Character Options - Blinkies

Blinkies are a girl’s virtual best friend. Each Blinkie is different and has its own unique personality. Blinkies interact with girls, share experiences and their feelings with them. Blinkies communicate with their EYES which open and shut to reveal a different FULL COLOUR screen of play or response. You can interact with Blinkie through touch sensors on its body. Keep your Blinkie happy and fill up her heart.


Vivid - Bratz Flashback Party

Cool and stylish 60’s, 70’s and 80’s fashions are revamped and re-launched for 2004 as Bratz strut their funky stuff with loads of retro accessories and mix and match outfits. Each themed doll comes complete with CD of groovy tunes from the era.

Find the Perfect Match among potential partners in the pack!

Bratz Flashback Party

Hasbro - Fur Real Luv Cubs

Luv Cubs is a range of cuddly bears: a panda, a polar bear and a brown bear. They look up and hold their front paws out demanding to be snuggled Realistic fur, nurturing play pattern, life-like movements, animations and expressions.

Fur Real Luv Cubs

Lego - Formula 1 Racer

This build-to-display model of the real Ferrari F1 Racer in a 1:10 scale has been meticulously designed to allow kids and F1 racing enthusiasts to fully explore all aspects of the design and technical aspects of a real Ferrari F1 racer. The model provides a unique opportunity for all Ferrari and LEGO fans to construct a copy of the Ferrari F1 Race car, marvel at the aerodynamic design, be impressed by the monster V10 engine that you can open up and check out.

Ferrari F1 Racer

MV Sport - Bang On The Door Doll

There’s no mistaking the unique, ‘cool and cuddly’ style of Bang On The Door Baby with their bright funky clothes. Each unique Baby doll character comes with both daytime and night-time outfits plus a special soft toy and a certificate to register their name with the Bang On The Door Baby naming office! To compliment the dolls there’s also a range of six co-ordinated role-play accessories including a funky pram and 3-wheel jogger.

Bang On The Door Doll

David Halsall - Penalty Shoot Out

Following Euro 2004 footie-mania and a massive Spring/Summer TV advertising campaign, the interactive TV Penalty Shoot Out Game from Halsall definitely hits the back of the net!

Players can kick above the console with varying degrees of power and directional control and can play against an opponent or pit their skills against the computer. Alternatively, two teams can be chosen from a choice of 16 international teams, including the home nations. Suitable for football fanatics aged 5-105.

Penalty Shoot Out

Hasbro - Video Now

Introducing VideoNow - the world’s first kid-friendly personal Video Disc player. The revolutionary full colour VideoNow is not only portable, it’s pocket size. Perfect for kids on the go!

Video Now

Mattel - Tyco Terrain Twister

Come rain, shine, snow or hail, the Terrain Twister™ from Tyco R/C® is the newest innovation in radio control, ready to tackle any terrain, making this mean machine virtually unstoppable. With sleek pivoting pontoons with unique corkscrew treads, this vehicle twists its way over any surface. The transmitter has been designed for easy manoeuvring in all directions.

Tyco Terrain Twister

Character Options - Invisible Writer Journal

Jot down your thoughts and Top Secret information inside the Secret Journal with the invisible ink pen, then, simply shine the UV light torch onto the page whenever you want to read what you have written. Lock them away for your eyes only! Contains Journal, Invisible Ink Pen, UV light Torch, Metal Lock and Keys.

Invisible Writer Journal