Toys for Christmas 2004 - Girls

The Girls sector is worth over £400 million at retail in between the age of 4 and 8. Their favourite category is Dolls as we all know - dolls take about a third of all money spent. From My Little Pony to Baby Annabell or Barbie, little girls develop from pre-school nurturing play to fashion related play. This year toy retailers have their money on Cabbage Patch Kids. The last time round in 1997 and 1998, they sold for over £13m at retail and ranked #24 biggest toy name

See the enchanting battle lines of the dolls plus more creative fun

Character Options - Scooby Doo Snack Maker

Make all your favourite Scooby gummy snacks with the Scooby-Doo Snack Maker. Set the Scooby timer and Scooby-Doo will tell you when your Scooby Snacks are ready! Includes: Scooby-Doo Timer, Mystery Machine shaped snack maker, 2 moulds and sugar tray, 2 Scooby Bottles, Scooby Funnel, 6 packets of fun Scooby Flavours and 2 sugar packets.

Scooby Doo Snack Maker
Mattel - Barbie My Scene

Dress up and hang out with My Scene™ as the four friends dress up for a funky masquerade party! Barbie® dresses as an ‘urban butterfly’, Diva Chelsea™ is looking glam as a mermaid, Westley’s™ in a feline frenzy and Nolee™ rocks in her rockstar outfit! Each doll comes with two cool outfits, so set the scene with these seriously stylish girls!

Barbie My Scene

Mattel - Barbie as Anneliese

Barbie® doll makes her singing debut this Christmas with the release of her fourth entertainment ‘hit’ Princess and the Pauper. Now in her fourth year on the small screen Barbie® takes on her most demanding role, not only singing but also starring as both leading characters - Princess Anneliese and maiden Eirka. Beyond the CGI animated film girls will be intrigued by an entire line of products new technology in both the dolls and the plush companions will bring movie time into real life play time.

Barbie as Anneliese
Zapf - Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell babbles, gurgles and giggles, just like a real baby. When drinking, she makes real sucking sounds with an amazingly realistic mouth movement. When you rub her tummy, she burps. Baby Annabell closes her eyes, yawns, breathes little baby snores when asleep. But be quiet, any noise will wake her up again. Baby Annabell will be a perfect addition to your family.

Baby Annabell
Mattel - Polly Pocket Par-Tay Bus

The Club Groove Par-tay Bus transforms into the ultimate doubledecker dance hangout with a DJ booth and hip dance floor. For ages 3+

Polly Pocket Par-Tay Bus

Vivid - Snow White Micro Cottage

Snow White loves living with the 7 dwarfs! The cottage includes Snow White, the Prince and the 7 dwarfs. Move the lever and Snow White magically dances with the dwarfs. Turn the tree on the glade and the watch the flowers magically grow! You can also help Grumpy release the jewels from the mine and use them on the rings for you
to wear.

For ages 3+. No batteries required.

Snow White Micro Cottage
Hasbro - My Little Pony Jewelled Ponies

With a swish of their super long manes and a flash of glittering gemstones, new stable mates are about to trot onto the My Little Pony scene. Since galloping right back into fashion last summer (the very first My Little Pony was launched 21 years ago) sales of this timeless classic have rocketed with little girls demanding to own the latest models to add to their collections. Four new ponies that would be gems of any collection are the Jewel Ponies - each has a sparkling ‘gemstone’ set in their unique Cutie marks.

My Little Pony Jewelled Ponies
Vivid - Cabbage Patch Dolls

The 80’s collectable phenomenon is back for 2004! With a host of 16” siblings and a brand new 3D video planned, a new generation of children can experience the magical and wondrous world of the Cabbage Patch Kids! Each new arrival comes complete with adoption certificate, unique character details and personality designed to make each one special in the hearts of children everywhere.

Cabbage Patch Dolls
Worlds Apart - Disney Princess Ready Bed

The all-in-one sleepover solution! Includes air mattress, sleeping bag and cosy pillow. Ideal for use at sleepovers, staying with friends or relatives, or as an extra bed. Perfect Christmas present for girls aged 4 to 8. Great fun for kids and practical for parents - inflates in minutes with foot pump provided, totally washable, and includes handy carry bag.

Disney Princess Ready Bed

Flair - Sylvanian Families Pony & Caravan

Sylvanian Families from Flair continues to grow in popularity, with the lovely new Countryside Travelling theme introducing new characters and a large variety of new detailed accessories.

The Caravan and Pony, the star of this range, has over 50 pieces including a working lantern, bunk beds, on-board loo and fully equipped kitchen - it even comes with hanging baskets in bloom!

All the Sylvanians love to travel aboard the traditional pony-drawn Caravan.

Sylvanian Families Pony & Caravan