Toys for Christmas 2004 - Family

We all rave about quality time and think about Christmas as a special moment to be shared in family. To get the fun going, there’s nothing better than a board game by the fire. Each year over £200m are spent on board games, the biggest ones are known from all of us, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, Pictionary etc... and to keep them up-to-date manufacturers offer some line extension such as the Simpsons Cluedo or Simpsons Monopoly which sometimes even prove more successful than the standard editions.

Long term favourites anchor the 10 in this all age set but watch for the new twists and the wild action for this Christmas Day

Tomy - Hello

The Ultimate Celebrity Quiz Game is the first officially licensed product from this famous publication. With all questions based on this well-known celebrity news magazine, this new trivia game will have players wracking their brains to remember the news, views and celebrity issues from the year HELLO! launched to the present day. Players advance by answering multiple-choice questions to reach the top of the scoreboard and there is an option to answer the toughest questions gambling on just how good your memory really is!


Bandai - Super Badge-it!

This updated version of 2003 award winning Badge IT! is as easy to use but now allows you to create 3 sizes of badge - 3cm, 4cm and rectangle. Choose a picture of your favourite pop star, pet friend or anything that looks cool, select the size of badge and Badge It!

Set includes Super Badge It! machine and materials to make 25 badges.

Super Badge-it!

LeapFrog - Leapster

The Leapster Multimedia Learning System combines the proven effectiveness and engagement of colour, animated learning games with a child-friendly, on-the-go form factor to create an educational handheld platform that children will love and parents will feel good about. The handheld features a large 2.8”x 2.8” colour LCD screen that is touch activated with the tethered stylus. It also has a collection of familiar game controls that can used to play the learning games.


Flair - Gazillion Bubble Machine

Gone are the days when the only way to blow bubbles are through a single loop on a bendy plastic wand dipped in a pot of slimy solution!

With the exciting Gazillion Bubbles Machine they appear in never-ending streams! Great for parties!

Gazillion Bubble Machine

TP - Trampolines

Circular TP trampolines with weatherproof soft surface mesh mat. Can be used inside or outdoors and are suitable for the less experienced trampolinist. Cover available separately. Includes heavy-duty frame pads with vinyl tops and weatherproof foam. The welded construction means no fiddly nuts and bolts. Lifetime guarantee against rust causing failure.


Hasbro - Bop-it Extreme ll

The classic Bop It has been made better than ever! Now you can play head-to-head or plug in headphones or speakers as you Bop It, Twist It, Spin It and Flick It in time to the music.

Bop-it Extreme ll

Hasbro - Monopoly

2004 marks the 12th World Monopoly Championships in Tokyo. The world famous property trading board game from Parker continues to be as popular as ever with budding property moguls. Move around the board, buying and selling properties, building houses and hotels as you go. Look out for more Monopoly mania in 2005 as the iconic game celebrates its 70th anniversary.


Radica - Total Melt Down

Your mission is to complete four intense challenges before the computer suffers a “Total Meltdown.” With flashing lights, ticking clock and cool sound effects, the player must complete the series of four pressure packed games within four increasingly difficult levels in as quick a time as possible. The higher the level, the less time you have! Connect the live wires to the correct ports, complete the circuit with the computer chips, crack the code and then dare to remove the core! Challenge the clock or challenge your friends and family - can you handle the pressure?

Total Melt Down

Hasbro - Classic Games Selection

Family favourites Buckaroo, Twister and Monopoly have been refreshed. The original saddle stacking game has a bright new look and an even moodier mule. Another classic, Twister continues to get kids of all ages tied up in knots. Spin the spinner and make your move - the last person standing wins! Guaranteed to get you in a twist.

Classic Games Selection

Winning Moves - Top Trumps

Top card game comes up trumps!

Since its 1998 resurrection, ‘Top Trumps’ has continued to grow in sales and popularity.

The simple yet adored format requires players to challenge their opponents with their current card’s best statistic, in order to beat (‘trump’) the card of their opponents. Whoever’s statistic is highest wins the cards. The aim is to win the pack!

Popular licenses and frequent new titles has led to brand extensions: ‘Specials’; ‘Limited Editions’ and ‘Juniors’.

The huge popularity of this card game, and its diversity of titles ensures its popularity with

  • Boys & Girls 5-8
  • Cool for Teens (9+)
  • Big Kids
  • Family Fun
Top Trumps