Toys for Christmas 2004 - Boys

Toy sales for boys in between 4 and 8 years old represented £448m in 2003 or 22% of the total toy business. Nearly a fifth goes to the Action Figures category (Action Man, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles etc...) while 17% take the shape of Vehicles (such as radio controlled cars or electric sets). In the past 4-5 years play patterns seem to have changed slightly and crazes such as Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh or Beyblade have made their marks on the market.

Discover the 10 playground hits, imagination expanders and construction kits for 2004

Bandai - Thunderbirds Tracy Island

Take control of operations from this deluxe version of International Rescue’s top-secret Tracy Island headquarters. Featuring lights and sounds from the blockbuster movie, all 4 secret bases, Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as Lady Penelope’s ultra-cool FAB 1. Once the secret bases are removed a new repair and refuelling area is revealed. Unlock the combination lock to reveal the communication zone with working rescue microphone and sound effect control lever.

Thunderbirds Tracy Island
Bandai - Power Rangers Tri-Battliser

These 12.5cm Power Ranger figures have three exciting play modes. Each comes with ultra-adaptable body armour that can be worn, configured into a vehicle and mega vehicle with the Power Ranger forming the chassis!

Power Rangers Tri-Battliser
Dekker - Spiderman Suit

Dekkertoys amazing Spider-Man 2 cotton playsuit celebrated the release of 2004’s biggest blockbuster in July.

The movie 2 playsuit is a follow-on from our hugely successful Spider-Man Classic cotton playsuit which has gone on to sell over 370,000 units in just over 2 years.

Spiderman Suit
Mega Bloks - My Pirate Ship

Ahoy there! My Pirate Ship is fully kitted out for sailing adventures over the high seas of the home! The motley crew are all aboard - ready to perform dastardly deeds as well as making sure the cannons, anchor, and ship’s wheel are in perfect working order.

For 2004 Mega Bloks® extended its popular Block Buddies range with this brand new themed playset with a variety of sound effects to enhance their interactive nature. Suitable for children aged 1-5.

My Pirate Ship
Mattel - Hot Wheels T-Rex

Only you have the power to battle and destroy the gigantic T-Rex dinosaur! The trick is to be the fastest and most skilled Hot Wheels® controller around, so aim to blast open his jaws and rescue your cars. Watch out though as he’ll only try and eat and spit out your cars!

Hot Wheels T-Rex
FEVA Airhogs Sky Winder

Get ready for Air Hogs aerobatics with Feva’s sensational new stunt plane - the R/C Sky Winder. This amazing plane with its on-board computer system performs stunts, awesome loops and sidewinders. It is constructed from high density crash-resistant and flexible EPP Foam and
can reach heights of up to 30 metres.

Airhogs Sky Winder
Vivid - Spider Man Action Figures

Super articulated Spider-Man 2 movie figures, each with cool Spidey action accessory! Each sold separately. Ages 4+.

Spider Man Action Figures
Hasbro - Duel Masters Cards

Duel Masters is the new trading card game from Wizards of the Coast which has taken the UK by storm. The game features exciting, easy to learn game play and incredible Manga graphics from some of Japan’s best fantasy artists.

Duel Masters is a battle game where in their quests to become Kaijudo Masters, opponents pit creatures and spells against each other.

Duel Masters is already a smash hit in excess of 1.25 million starter sets have been sold since the launch in 2002! - the ultimate pocket money purchase for cool kids.

Duel Masters Cards
Upstarts - Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

As the playground phenomenon continues, a brand new starter pack Evolution, and two boosters have been introduced to the range this autumn. Invasion of Chaos and Ancient Sanctuary boosters, are adding fuel to the duels as the craze grows constantly. For ages 8 plus.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
Hasbro - K'nex C20 Tub

This was the best selling item in the K'Nex line in 2003 and with 2004 being K'Nex' 10th anniversary we are sure that we are going to have another great year with it! This tub contains enough components to build 32 models that span from beginner builds to advanced 3-D ones. It also includes a Spring Action motor so that you watch your models move, and a free ideas book for all budding builders. Age recommendation 7+.

K'nex C20 Tub