Top Ten Predictions for 2003


Retrospect-acular Toys

It’s not just 80’s fashion which is making a comeback this season. Today, the British Association of Toy Retailers (BATR) revealed a resurgence in classic 80’s favourites among its predictions for the top toys for Christmas 2003.

Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2003 (in alphabetical order)
  Badge It Bandai (£15)
  Barbie Swan Lake Mattel (£20)
  Beyblades Radio Control Top & Launcher Hasbro (£30)
  Bionicles Lego (£7)
  Boohbah Golden Bear (£15)
  Bratz Winter Collection Bandai (£25)
  Cranium Re:Creation (£25)
  LeapPad Learning System Leapfrog (£30)
  Turtles Vivid (£7)
  Yu-Gi-Oh! Upstarts! (£7)

From pizza-loving amphibians - Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which feature in this year’s top ten – to top 50 favouritesMy Little Pony, the Care Bears, He-man, Polly Pocket and the Transformers, old favourites in new guises look set to dominate Santa’s sack this Christmas.

Val Stedham, Chairman of the BATR comments: “Like fashion, the popularity of toys goes in cycles. Brands are important but the success of a toy relies on its ‘playability’. So it’s not surprising that those which thrilled children twenty years ago can still appeal to kids today. Obviously, while the brand itself might remain the same, the toys don’t and are redesigned to appeal to this generation of media savvy kids exposed to a wide range of influences.”

But it’s not just 80’s toys being updated for 2003. All time favourite Barbie gets a makeover as Barbie Swan Lake, while Bratz , last year’s new girls on the block, won’t be left in the cold with its new Bratz Winter Collection.
Variations on last year’s playground crazes also look set to boom. The new Radio Controlled Beyblades are set to get kids in a spin, while Micro Babies are set to emulate Micro Pets - last year’s success.

“It’s great to see that this year’s top ten is also dominated by a range of toys that get creative juices flowing such as Badge It and Bionicles, while Yu Gi Oh! and family board game Cranium will offer everyone a challenge”, continues Val.

“What’s more, LeapPad has a winning formula and is once again in the top ten predictions. But, the hot list isn’t just made up of the old familiar faces. New television licensed characters in the nursery sector such as Boohbah, Tractor Tom and Engie Benjy look set to be on Santa’s sleigh this Christmas”, she concludes.

What makes the Top 10 good toys?

Commenting on this year’s selection, child psychologist Dr Jeffrey Goldstein of the National Toy Council, says: “There’s a real diversity in the top ten, not just in terms of the types of toys and games but in the actual way that kids will play with them.

“Toys help children to develop physical, cognitive and social skills, and these toys and games will encourage creativity, social interaction, competitiveness and nurturing, as well as enabling the kids to have fun.”

The BATR revealed its top ten toys for Christmas predictions at Dream Toys 2003, in Marylebone, London.

Issued by the BATR Press Office © 2003

Wednesday 24 September 2003