Barbie Magic Lights Unicorn and Doll by Mattel

Headline Spark imagination with Barbie™ Dreamtopia Magical Lights Unicorn and Barbie® princess doll!
Description Fairy-tale lovers can play out so many storylines with whimsical light shows and sound effects, both activated by touch. There are multiple ways to play: touch or pet the unicorn's body, tap its horn or feed it a snack to see colourful, starry lights and hear music or sweet sounds. Barbie® doll bends at the knees and wears pants under her sheer, rainbow skirt so she can easily sit on unicorn's back and ride along. When it's bedtime, tap and hold the unicorn's horn to watch it fall asleep with a special light pattern, snoozing sound effects and a sweet lullaby.
RRP £55