Mama Surprise is an interactive mama guinea pig that comes with a deluxe hutch. Care for the mama & place her in the hutch. Then discover 3 new-born guinea pigs each with a special care package!

This soft, interactive mama guinea pig comes with a deluxe hutch. When you care for the mama, watch as her heart glows and place her back in the hutch. Soon, you can discover a new-born guinea pig baby and a special care package. Care for mama again and you will find new guinea pig babies to complete your guinea pig family!
Mama guinea pig is interactive and comes alive with 20+ sounds and reactions. Look after her by brushing her hair, feeding her celery and petting her.
Mama has 3 surprise babies that each have their own special care package and themed accessories to play with and dress them!
Reload the experience and repeat the play again and again!

Stock Code: 26410
RRP: £64.99
Low Age: 5
High Age: No Limit
Gender: All
PR Company: Playtime PR
PR Telephone: 07852451093


Mama Surprise takes caring for your pet to a whole new level. This soft, interactive Mama guinea pig comes with a deluxe, interactive hutch and delivers all the fun of a daily surprise and rewards children with three new baby Guinea Pigs to care for! So realistic and sweet, and the whole reveal process can be repeated again and again!