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Play Throughout Life

"Intelligence consists of more than reading and counting skills. Psychologists today believe that social skills and the appropriate expression of emotions - learning to get along with others - are also forms of intelligence. Play is the garden in which emotional intelligence develops and flourishes. Children play longer when toys are available. Toys stimulate children and encourage them to play in many different ways.

But it’s not just children who benefit from play. Adults can get much pleasure from play, making their life satisfying and healthy. Playing together is a vital element of sharing family life. It can be lively or quiet, planned or spontaneous. Above all, it benefits all those involved - parents, grandparents and children of all ages."
Professor Jeffrey Goldstein, Department of Social and Organisational Psychology at The University of Utrecht in the Netherlands

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Toy Retailers Association is delighted to bring you the official Top Toy predictions for Christmas.

Based on over 55 years experience as the voice of toy retailers, representing over 75% of toy retail in Britain and Ireland, the Toy Retailers Association is best placed to make independent predictions based on what customers are asking for, children are excited by, and the latest trends in new products.

Join the us in the Winter Wonderland that is Dream Toys. Explore the Top 72 Toys featured across six exciting categories from Pre-school and Games to Creative and Hip ‘n’ Kool. Be the first to witness the ultimate Top 12 Toys set to get kids and adults in a frenzy this Christmas.

Hot Dozen The top 12 toys

12 of the most imaginative toys to stimulate, motivate, attract and even relax the under 4s.


From pirate battles and the hottest cars in town to aliens, transformers and the Doctor.


There’s glitz and glamour in this 12 with dancing dolls and make-up magic.


As 10s turn to Teens, it’s hi-tec and interactive for both kids and adults with this 12.


The hottest contests in town for all the family this Christmas.


Toys for designers and engineers make up this 12. From hair-dos and hats to ships and tracks, and even a teddy production line. Another all age range.

"We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
George Bernard Shaw

“Playful children are happier, better adjusted, more co-operative, and more popular with their peers than those who play less. Children play longer when a wide variety of toys are available. Playful children are more physically active, creative, humorous, imaginative, emotionally expressive, curious and communicative.
Jerome Singer. Toys, play and child development.”

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