Dream Toys 2004


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‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing’. George Bernard Shaw

“Playful children are happier, better adjusted, more co-operative, and more popular with their peers than those who play less. Children play longer when a wide variety of toys are available. Playful children are more physically active, creative, humourous, imaginative, emotionally expressive, curious and communicative.
Jerome Singer. Toys, play and child development.”

British Toy and Hobby Association is delighted to bring you the ultimate independent guide to the toys that will be the most wanted this Christmas.

Based on over 50 years experience as the voice of retailers, representing over 75% of toy retail proprietors in Britain and Ireland, the Toy Retailers Association is best placed to make independent predictions based on what customers are asking for, children are excited by, and the latest trends in new products.

Enter the wonderland, enjoy the show, watch the children explore the Top 60 Dream Toys across 6 traditional and emerging categories from Pre-school to Big Kidz. Discover the ultimate Top 10 and then tell it like it is. All data provided in this Guide comes direct from the suppliers or from NPD, the number one provider of information to the toy industry.

Top 10 The top 10 toys

Discover the 10 playground hits, imagination expanders and construction kits for 2004


See the enchanting battle lines of the dolls plus more creative fun

Teen Kicks

Fashion, sport, energy, hanging out, relationships and whatever - 10 of the coolest kicks this Christmas

Big Kidz

Technology, extreme action, and brain power make this 10 hit the spot for dads, lads, and girls too


10 toys that will delight children under 4, discovering the world, developing themselves


long term favourites anchor the 10 in this all age set but watch for the new twists and the wild action for this Christmas Day

“Research has shown that children who play often - both alone and socially - become more creative and imaginative than those whose exposure to play and toys is limited”.
Brian Sutton-Smith. Child psychologist and play theorist.