Toy Retailers Association


Who we are & what we do

Founded in 1950, the organisation promotes the role of the toy retailer and the value of toys to the consumer.

It represents more than 60% of the toy trade, informing and advising members on current and future legislation, as well as ethical practices in respect of toy safety, requirements under the Health and Safety Executive, consumer and employment rights.

It acts as both a watchdog and persuader to ensure fair play for toy retailers and represents the toy retail sector on government panels and safety organisations in the UK.

Members include Toys R Us, Early Learning, Mothercare. Hamleys, Smyths, Toy Town, The Entertainer and many independent shops including members of the Toymaster and AIS/Playroom buying groups.

All Association members are Approved Lion Mark Retailers - that is they adhere to a strict Code of Practice on selling toys established in association with The British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA).

Government and the European Community

The Association keeps members up-to-date about legislation and other relevant matters resulting from both the UK and the European Governments. It is invited to make members views known to these bodies and governments and is actively involved in discussions regarding development of regulations.

TRA Approved Lion Mark Retailers Scheme

The scheme has proved a major contributor to the reduction of complaints and prosecutions involving toy safety. The BTHA developed the Lion Mark to be displayed on products of the highest safety standards, and the Toy Retailers Association produced a strict Code of Practice for its members, which together with regular safety advice and activity, allows them to display the symbol as an Approved Lion Mark Retailer.


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Code of Practice

Association members undertake a number of commitments, including offering for sale only products that conform to all current toy safety legislation.

Members also undertake not to market or sell counterfeit toys and ensure that advertising is honest, truthful, legal and decent and is in accordance with all applicable codes, in particular the British Code of Advertising Practice and the ITC Code.

They also undertake that any toy gun, imitation or replica firearm modelled on a firearm design or produced since 1898 and offered for sale is marked in accordance with the BTHA code for such a product.